by Patrik K.

Elinikäinen oppiminen on yksi tärkeimmistä perusarvoistani. Olen valmentanut ja opettanut yksilöitä ja ryhmiä viimeiset 20 vuotta yritysurani aikana. Se on niin sanotusti ytimessäni. Nyt haluan antaa sinulle mahdollisuuden oppia avullani hallitsemaan spraymaalauksen taito.

Olen isännöinyt räätälöityjä graffitityöpajoja sekä koulutuspäiviä niin yrityksille, yhteisöille kuin lapsi- ja aikuisporukoillekin.


- tapahtumat osana työhyvinvointiohjelmia
- tiimien työpajat
- kick off ja / tai yritystapahtumat
- yhteisölliset työpajat lapsille tai aikuisille

Lupaan mahtavan kokemuksen, jossa harjoittelemme spraykannujen tekniikkaa ja hallintaa, graffitien historiaa New Yorkista Helsinkiin sekä maalaamme ison graffitin yhdessä.
Kokemusta ei tarvita, käymme läpi perusteet sekä turvallisuusasiat yksityiskohtaisesti.

Laita viestiä ja sovitaan että mitä, missä ja milloin?

Something was missing!

I am a business professional, with 20 years in the bag working for big listed media companies. For the last few years I worked in a marketing agency as a sales director. So basically I’ve been working hard on building a business career as an expert and leader in sales and marketing. Even though my career has been bullish and rewarding and I have enjoyed working with great people, still something was missing.

After one switch!

After one disastrous career switch in 2017 I was seriously pondering on my next step forward, basically stressed out and anxious about it all. My father in law saw this and threw paint brushes in my hand and said: ” Boy, do something useful with your time. For example paint a painting!”. I did and have done ever since.

I was hooked!

Working with my hands has always been something I regard in high value. I have renovated dozens of apartments, changed flooring, painted walls and tinkered here and there. Maybe that’s why painting blew me away in an instant. Not PAINTING in itself, but the process, the concentration it demands. The fact that you also get something completed, the feeling of accomplishment when you have done it yourself, something real and physical. The best feeling. Painting is a real superpower against stress, a real counterweight for the fast paced business life. So I understood in an instant that I was hooked, hooked on arts and painting.


As a youngster I loved reading all the comics, Tintin, Asterix, Lucky Luke etc you name it. I also loved drawing, caricatures of my friends and teachers, dinosaurs, particular parts of human anatomy, you know kids stuff. Then I suddenly gave up on it after my teens for 25 years. Wow, long time…painting never was my thing when I was younger (you can read why, from here). After a decade I started again, and it was like riding a bike, I knew I loved riding the bike, but forgot how much. So after the painting bug bit me, I started compulsively following hundreds of different artists, painters, urban artists, graffiti painters in YouTube and some. I wanted to see how they worked, their techniques, material choices they made, and they’re styles. I wanted to learn it all. I joined art school classes and studied art history. Desire to learn was a true force to reckon with.  A hobby I started for myself changed bit by bit to a more serious direction after I found out other people liked my works also.

Practice, practice, practice

It was extremely encouraging and I thought that this is something to continue for sure. I was lucky from day one to be asked to paint for other people. Very blessed. I got more confident, learned fast and started to paint in large-scale. This is how I got into painting walls and mural. Practise practise practise. Today I have been hired to paint dozens of murals for big companies and homes. My paintings decorate many many collections and this is just the start.

I appreciate you coming to visit my site and reading my story. I hope you find what you are looking for here, and if you don´t, drop me a line here. If you want a commission painting or you have an interesting project we could work on etc, you can fill out a questionnaire here, or just email me here. Would love to hear more from you!

Lets talk,  Patrik  

P.S. If you liked my story and want to learn some in depth raw truths about me you can read more from my blog here. I write about how crappy art teachers suck the creativity and motivation from children and why in the world I didn’t start my art earlier :D