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High Metal - History & Future

High Metal

High Metal – Past, present and AI

High Metal Oy is a traditional Finnish industrial company established in 1949, which has been producing various metal and steel products for three generations. Today, the company is a high-tech outfit that manufactures tailor made steel products including swimming pools, induction tables for hospitals and cheese production lines for the dairy industry.

The client wanted to create something unique and different in their lobby area for customers and partners visiting the offices. Something that would showcase their unique story – from past to present, and the future.

The history of the company was told in a unique and light cartoon-like style, to differentiate High Metal from the traditional image of industrial companies. The company’s first workspace was located in Hakeniemi in the so-called Canon House – so naturally this was incorporated into the painting, as well as images documenting the company’s shift from one-man workshop to full, industrial sized operation. The future of High Metal is reflected in images that make reference to the company’s utilization of machine learning, laser technology, automation and data implementation.

The finished mural has been used in High Metal’s brand marketing, marketing materials and social media channels – as a backdrop for photoshoots, for example. I also produced two logo design works for the premises, which were hand painted on the opposite wall from the mural – and on to original cabinets from the 50’s. 

”We are super happy with the mural. Especially in the way Patrik managed to portray the company's history, the present and the future in one big entity. The mural tells a great story about the company in a respectful and valuable way.”

High Metal - History & Future
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High Metal Oy
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