Pagero Oy

Helsinki and Gothenburg Murals


Cityscapes shaping the moods for meetings


Previous clients Pagero moved their offices to a new location in April 2021 and commissioned murals depicting cities Gothenburg and Helsinki – the former being the company’s home and the latter being the city into which the company first expanded, for two meeting rooms.

It was important to the client that the murals pictured recognisable places from each location. They also specified a cartoon-like style that was playful and uplifting but respectful of each city.


The process of creation involved first sketching the different locations from each city and then digitizing these sketches so they could be retouched and gathered together to create a composition in Photoshop. Then, a colour scheme was hand picked in order to blend perfectly with the existing tones in the office but still offer a light, inspiring atmosphere in keeping with the company’s brief. After colouring, the final sketch was approved by Pagero and painting began.

Helsinki and Gothenburg Murals
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Pagero Oy
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