Private client

Towards new dreams - HOPE

Private Client

Towards new dreams - HOPE

“Hope”, 2020, 160x160 cm, mixed media on canvas

A vibrant, mixed-media painting commissioned by a private client.

With “Hope,” the client's wishes were simple: Paint a figurative image in the style of my Being Present series with a specific colour palette. The client trusted my artistic vision and was confident I would deliver a piece true to its future surroundings.

I’m always keen to see and feel the space where my art will be displayed as it informs the final creation. I like to see how the light falls and get an idea of the proportions to work in. When it comes to the actual creation of the work, my painting process relies on multi-layering which brings depth and contrast to the final pieces. When I’m producing commissions, I really want to take the client’s wishes into consideration so I can create a one-off piece that’s a perfect fit for the private collector.

My paintings are built to last a lifetime and feel the gaze of many eyes over the years. And that’s why it’s imperative for me that one always finds new stories behind my artistic choices in the painting – stories that are personal. In my mind, that’s the key to creating a truly unique commission.

“I came across Patrick through work by chance. He came to mention his art exhibition and we went with my mother to see Patrik’s it at Hotel Torni Ateljee Bar. The works were colorful and fun, and I loved them. So that show came to my mind when just over a year ago we moved into a new home and our white, high living room wall seemed downright screaming for color. Patrik came to see the space in September. This visit of his happened at a daunting stage in life when we had just heard some very heavy news. Thus began the work ‘Hope’ worthy of its name. Patrik listened carefully to our wishes and sent a plan for the progress of the work as well as price information after his visit. In a few weeks, we received a raw proposal for the painting and a few process images along the way. He acted exactly as promised and also delivered the painting to our house. Not only that, he also hung the painting in its place just before Christmas. The piece had to be hung pretty high. My Duden dictionaries were put to use on the lower A-ladder when the tall artist climbed over the dictionaries for hanging chores. I often stop to admire the painting in its evening light from behind the upstairs railing. When viewed up close, it has versatile surfaces and roughness, as in life itself, and the mood of the painting changes slightly depending on the angle from which it is viewed. Patrik painted us a unique work for this very family, home and stage of life. Therein lies the finesse of custom work - Hope is literally made for our home.”
Towards new dreams - HOPE
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Private client
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