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Rock The Radio

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Sanoma Media Finland: Rocking the radio space

The brief here was to provide painting solutions for two standalone radio recording studios and the front entrance reception desk at the radio working space.

I wanted my work to reflect the people who work at the studio – colourful, edgy and full of life! With that in mind, for the studio I chose four colours, red, black, yellow and white and incorporated the original logos of bands that were selected from favourites of the people that worked in the company. Alongside these logos are visuals collected from rock history like squares, thunder icons and check patterns.

For the reception entrance I created an interesting and unique composition with different logos, fonts and colours. In the centre is a classic red “On Air” sign from the studio.

”We are extremely happy with Patrik´s work livening up our spaces at the studios. He delivered what he promised and more. We were all amazed on the quality of work so all in all a top notch project.”

Jussi Suvanto Director, Sanoma Radio

Rock The Radio
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Sanoma Media
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