Kallio City wall


Kallio city mural welcoming the clients

Kiinteistömaailma is one of the biggest real estate agent chains in Finland. They focus on superior client service and the creation of a unique customer experience. With that in mind, they wanted an eye-catching piece for local clients at their Kallio agency.

As an area, Kallio represents a state of mind and it means a lot to the people who live there. The task was to bring that essence into the office and make an impression on clients as they entered, as well as providing a positive conversation starter. The agency has big windows so people passing by can also see the mural from outside when they check the real estate adverts.

I wanted the mural to be colourful and fun, a piece that creates a warm feeling of familiarity regarding the Kallio surroundings when you see it. I wanted to include a whole host of details to keep people entertained finding new things in the image every time they viewed it. I painted the building and the agency in one corner and added different buildings in Kallio, as well as the famous bear from the Bear Park and the Kallio church in all its glory. I picked the colour scheme that complimented the Kiinteistömailma brand colours so the mural could blend into the interior design of the agency.

”For a long time we thought about how could we get the local area and feel introduced to the office space in a good way. After seeing Patrik work the idea of a mural came to my mind. If he could use his unique style and incorporate it to our walls at the office. Patrik loved the idea and quickly came up with the first sketch of the wall. He captured my thoughts and wishes in a great way right from the start. He also brought his own vision and insight to the process and the final painting in a nice way. After sketching process it was time to make it happen. Me and our staff went to a reward business trip for the weekend and during our trip the magic happened and everything was ready. The whole office loved the finished mural and also our clients have given very positive feedback on it. Still after a few years it gives our workspace more light and brightness on those dark winter days.”

Christian Helin

Entrepreneur, CEO, LKV, KiAT

Kallio City wall
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